Sunday, October 16, 2011

What's in an email?

What's in an email?  Well I've come to find so many ideas can be generated from reading and writing. When I have written to my critique buddy and talked about the problems I may be having, I have actually had my imagination spark from something I said.  I guess by talking out your story to someone, you may end up with that a-ha moment.  Email buddies are great muses too give you a different angle that you might not have thought about.  In fact it may even change your story for the better. So, if your serious about writing my suggestion is to have an email buddy.  I find myself waiting for my buddy to email me with her next latest greatest suggestions.  Happy writing everyone!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh the creation of television

Have you ever been so in awe with an actor that you can't stop thinking about them? I get my inspiration for characters a lot of the time from actors on T.V.  Flip through the channels until someone with the perfect face comes along and watch them.  Watch how they smile and the different kinds of smiles they have.  All of this is good material for character make up.  In fact most of the characters in my novels have all come from my favorite television series.  So when you've come to a halt when writing, stop!  Rent an episode or series of your favorite show from the video store and start watching.  All of the sudden your character will come to life again and you may see new characteristics in them that maybe you never have noticed or have forgotten about.  Listening to their voice, seeing the way the glare at someone, watching them cry or smile are all inspirational motivators to kick start your characters back into motion.  So, put the laptop down, get a bag of microwave popcorn and pop in the DVD. You will be surprised how well this works.  For me, a favorite movie always works. I've usually watched it an embarrassing amount of times, but whatever works go for it.  I hope this will work for you when your brain has been on overdrive.  Sometimes just sitting back and hanging with your favorite actor might just do the trick.  Good Luck and happy writing :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What's in a smell?

What's in a smell?  Well I say it can be your muse.  If you think about it, imagine walking into a kitchen filled with the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  It may take you back to a time when you were a child in the care of a loving mother ready to hug you when you came home from school. Your sense of smell can be a powerful thing. Smells can take you back in time, can make you feel warm and cozy, can arouse you, or can repulse you, but all can give you inspiration in one way or the other.  When I'm trying to write a sensual scene I sometimes will get my husbands cologne and close my eyes and breathe in the musky scent.  Smells can make your body tingle.  Close your eyes and breathe in.  What do you smell?  A lot of the time, smells are overlooked and discarded.  But, I say, use what you can. The smell of rain can stimulate an array of possible writing material.  Write down how you are feeling with the smell.  Does it make your heart race? Some of the best chapters you have ever written may have come from a single smell.  So use this sense to your advantage when you have hit a road block.  Go outside, go to the laundry room, the kitchen, anywhere different aromas may linger in the air. Simply walking into a hospital or an elementary school will send your senses in a frenzy giving you many ideas.  Just make sure you have your pad with you to write down things you are imagining or feeling. Things that are touching your soul. So, what's in a smell?  Maybe a bestseller. Use every advantage you can to find you muse. Have a great day and smell the world around you. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Coming up blank?

Your daily muse can come from anywhere. Literally. You might think those annoying little things like bathroom breaks are waisted time but think again. Whatever book you may be reading or were reading and stopped because you were in a writing frenzy can jumpstart your imagination. I suggest keeping a book you are reading or plan on reading in your bathroom. You've got a minute so why not? I often find inspiration for a scene just in reading a few lines of a favorite novel. So, before you take a trip to the John, grab that Stephen King novel and soon your creative juices will be flowing, no pun intended. Have a great night and an even better tomorrow.

Monday, October 10, 2011

New faces with rich knowledge

Well tonight on twitter I gained a new follower, but I feel like I gained a whole lot more than that.  Christine Rose has published traditional and indie fashion with much success.  She shares her wealth of marketing knowledge in one of her books which you will find available to buy on her website for a cheap price.  I'm not her promoter, but she is my daily muse. Reading her blog gave me inspiration as a budding writer.  I think if good information is what you need to get you going for the day then I suggest checking out her blog.  I think you will find that she is a diamond hidden underneath ruble.  When you think about what your muse is, think, can it simply be reading about the success of another?  I know for me, hearing success stories can be uplifting and motivational.  I think we all strive for success in some shape or form and I think you will find a good model with Christine Rose.  So, for my daily muse, Christine Rose, you are it.  I hope you all will find her as inspirational as I have. Have a great night :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sorry about my daily post today

I apologize for the spelling errors. I am riding in a bumpy car with an I pad that likes to correct your words to what they believe you intended, so with that take the advice with a grain of salt. Have a good day :)

Getting away

Welli traveled to Detroit and the things you see from another city are invaluable. I actually saw my main character to my novel in a hotel lobby. Make sure you take everything in when your in an unfamiliar environment. The richness of the buildings, homeless people, the cab drivers and all of it even the whether a tools you can use for future book writings. It's important in your home town as well, but there is something about the way people interact and with the other tongs I mentioned are spectacular tools. For my daily muse was the decapitated buildings beside beautiful structures. Not to mention the scary looking alleys like you'd see on an episode of CSI. So to some things up everything around you can be your muse if you pay attention. Of course I didn't take my own advice and take a notepad. Too much procrastinating for the weekend trip so when I get home I'm goIng to write down as much as possible. I hope this advice you will take to heart because there is nothing like seeing new eye opening things foe the first time. ;)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Music or Not?

My question to you is music or no music?  Getting a strong idea in you head for the next great scene my not require music or will it enhance it?  I came up with a great scene the other day that I just needed to write about but the family had the television on and since I have a specific writing spot then I was at an impasse.  I decided to pop in the headphones and turn on Pandora radio.  After discovering that I could put in an artist I liked I found that listening to music related to the scene only made it stronger.  When I wrote a romantic scene I turned on the "love songs" channel and I found that I was more inspired and wrote more passionately than without it.  Plus the music kept me from hearing the family. It put me in my own little world of writing.  On the opposite spectrum, complete silence can be a powerful aid in writing.  It allows your mind to roam free without any distractions.  Silence is less constricting when creating a scene that your not quite sure where it is going.  One can also listen to music in the genre that you would like to write about and voila a scene may pop into your the tune or the lyrics.  So in essence what is your muse? I've found both to be effective tools in writing.  So do with this information what you like, but remember a thought inspired by silence or music is only good if you get it down on paper or computer in my case.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Things to be happy about

Today was like any other busy work day.  Get up way too early, late to work, the big boss shows up, you get the idea.  But in all the middle of that crap out came a beautiful chapter.  There is nothing like the feeling that your head is going to explode if you don't write down a thought when it comes to you.  I wonder how many of you carry around a pen and paper? I've been in many spots when I wished I'd had something to write with and didn't have anything with me only to have the thought lost by the time you want to sit down and write.  So take this advice.  Buy a .99 cent flip notepad and have a pen or pencil in your purse.  There are so many things around you everyday that you can jot down and keep for later use.  Like the gray haired lady in the grocery store picking up oranges and sniffing them only to put them back and sniff some more.  It's the little things that make a book colorful and great.  So, don't lose precious material like I have because I felt silly carrying around a notepad.  The things on that notepad might be your muse to the next great bestselling novel.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vampires Rule

Here's a link that my author friend K.C.Blake has her video of her newly released eBook Vampires Rule. Check it out. I've read the book and think it is great.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Hey guys, I got it to where at the end of each post it will say 0 comments. If you click on that, you can leave a comment. It wasn't working before. So, if you want to leave a comment instead of an email for the contest, that would be great too :)

No news/contest info

Sorry guys, I've been sidetracked with a surprise 30th birthday party.  I've been pondering a lot about the book.  I've had several different thoughts come to mind, but I don't want to get carried away, it could totally throw a wrench in things. But, hey, I guess we've all been there. 

Still have 2 days left for the name contest. In case you haven't read about the contest I will let you know a little about it.  I am changing Em's dead boyfriends name from Brian to ?

He is the kind of guy that would have done anything for her, but mainly they were best friends and laughed all the time together  He's not much taller than her and his build is slender but defined.  He worked hard for everything he owned and now is on a quest to reunite with Em in another dimension.  He speaks to her, telling her things to do in preparation for the transformation that will happen to her so that they can be together again.  However, he does give Em questionable information. So, the person she thought he was, may have actually changed.  He's not evil, but he does have a side, somewhat unwanted, that she has not seen before.

I can't have any names beginning with "B" or "M" and it has to fit the person she knew and loved before he died.

Also another thing with the name contest was to give advice about Blake's sister's name. I am calling her Sams, but I don't know how that will appeal to an audiance, so I would like to know what you think of the name.  A little about Sams is that she is ultra fiesty and loves to antagonize Blake, however it usually comes back on her because Blake out wits her most of the time. She has many powers. I'm thinking she may be a witch although I was trying to avoid that.  The is petite with brown spikey hair with flaming red tips.  She dresses sort of goth, but is not goth.  Blake calls her a 'troll' with her messy hair and tiny features.  She breaks all the rules and can really get herself into trouble.

So, there you have it. If you want to enter the name contest email me at since I have not figured out a way for people to leave comments yet. (sometimes I hate technology)  If you win the contest, your name will appear on the acknowledgements page and you will also get a free copy of the book when it comes out sometime in November.

Well, good luck and I'll be checking to see if we have a winner in a few days. I will post the name chosen and the name of the winner to the contest if they so wish.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bells out!

Well, hell yeah, bells about to ring in one minute and I can get the hell out of this place. Can't it be friday already and over with? I am sick to death of students and the paper work that goes with then. Ugh! I still need advice about doing an outline, is it worth the work? I have things pretty much set in stone so is it necessary?

Student, ugh! Book good !

Well, I'm baby sitting a student who has behaviors right now, but just about done, thank the lord.  Then I can get to what I really want to do. How many of you out there do outlines for your book? I started then stopped, but I'm thinking I have to go back and add what I have and make an outline with it. Tell me what you think. And, if you do, what method do you use. I've been given several, but not sure which one is right for me? email me at Thx and send this to your fellow bloggers, maybe they can help. The book is coming along great, but I want it to be perfect so I need some advice. 

Wine Wednesdays

Gotta love wine Wednesdays they are the shit! I am like so super happy right now. But, I must say my bed is calling me :( Only 2 more days of school then freedom for a couple. I missed out on my writing today, kinda bummed about it. I miss my characters. It feels like you haven't talked with your best friend in a day.  Tomorrow I'll get to spend the evening with them though, that is after I see who gets kicked off of Idol. Definite Tyler fan! Is it bad to say that he is sexy at 63? I'm thinking not! Good night all.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

make out session

Well Em broke down and had a make-out session with Mason and then puked her guts out.  Blake is about to enter the picture in a couple chapters and the tension between Mason and Blake is smoking. Not to mention the interference with Em's dead boyfriend (waiting on name from you guys).  The complicated love triangle is heart wrenching and volatile at the same time.  You will love what happens to Em as her powers begin to grow.  Her power is a mystery to all and you will be surprised who is at the root of all and who has to be a participant for it to happen.

Em and Mason

Em is entirely conflicted with Mason. One minute she is ready to give into him and let him into her life then the next she can't get the memory of her dead love from her mind, especially when he keeps speaking to her. She is questioning everything he tells her and she is completely confused and frustrated, not to mention her brother, Randy is not helping matters. More to come...

Followers/Power Within

Okay guys here's the deal. I need as many followers as possible since my book will be coming out in November.  Self marketing is a bitch so I need your help.  The 100th person to become a member will be put on the acknowledgements page. I know, my list is growing for that page. You won't be sorry. Power Within is great, not to toot my own horn, but when I compare it to others published works it is at least 50%better. I didn't want to say 100% because inevitable someone will argue with me, but it is really good. It has just the right amount of Romance and DSAS, plus the paranormal is so different from anything I've seen, I think you will be epically surprised. Good Luck with being the 100th and also starting to get some great names for the name contest. Email me at Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So here's the scoop

Okay so here's the scoop.  I had every intention on finishing another chapter then BAM! constipation ugh!!! You know your husband loves you when you bring an enema home and say here honey. lol Anyway back to the book.  So I keep waiting on more names to come in for the contest but I'm not getting a whole lot. I need some names peeps. Mail me at Don't forget I'm putting the winners name on my acknowledgements page plus I'll throw in a free copy of the book when it's out in November. Night

done testing, yeah!!!

I am so happy to be done testing these kids today. It has really cut into my twitter and writing time. lol I should be working now, but what the heck, I'm sick of teaching. I need a serious break.


Well I just finished another chapter. I don't think I could do it without my earbuds blaring. Weird, I never used to listen to music when I wrote, now it seems like the only way I can do it.  I've got to quit twitter for a while, I am such a junkie, now that I've figured most of it out.  My name contest is coming along. Have a few good prospects. Remember you have until the 8th to submit names and if you win you will be on the acknoledgements page, so email me and give me names

Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm loving today

I'm loving today. I have to do hardly any work at school, so I can write, tweet, check e-mail. It's great. And, the best part is I'm ready to spend the day with Em and Mason. Still waiting on some verdicts about the name contest. It only runs till May 8th so hurry if you want a chance to win and be on my acknowledgements page. Happy day :)) for contest.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Reguarding Name Contest

Okay, I have the name contest going on and I set up an email to get your answers, well now I found out that for some reason I can't access that email account. And, since the comments post will not work I recreated yet another email. So if you put in a name to be considered please send it to Sorry about the inconvenience but if you win the contest that runs till May 8th and win then you will be in my acknowledgements page. Hope well good luck with the contest. If you have not read about the contest, look back to my Name Contest post.Tweet this you have an account. Much appreciated.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Name contest

Okay, I'm having a name contest. I have two characters that I am questionable about their names. I've already connected the names with them, but I'm afraid that my readers may not like something.  Let me explain. I have three "B" names, Brian, Blake, and Brandt. Now Blake has to stay, but Brandt is a side character and Brian, although he is not in the human form most of the time, I'm not sure about the name. I don't want there to be too many "B's". Now Brian didn't come into the thought of the book until later even though he is at the beginning. (kind of a long story) But I'm thinking that Brian's name needs to be different. Let me tell you about him. He is super sweet, is Em's real first boyfriend, he has a nice build but he is not big or super muscular, he is really cute, dark wavy hair cut short, brown eyes, but not tanned skin, he treats Em with total respect he is a real gentleman, he works hard for what he has, his mother raised him to be a gentleman because his father had a real temper, and he was protective of Em and sort of spoke for her. He would never put her in an uncomfortable situation and he is always one of those happy people, a love for life and appreciates it. Now that is the first name, this second one isn't really a change but I wanted to know what you think. I have Blake's sister who is really sort of goth but not, crazy looking, very much a smartass that loves to antagonize Blake as much as he does her. Her name is Sams, not Sam, but Sams. Do you like it or not. I love it, but I think her name may be a turn off. So I will review the names that are sent to me and if I like any of them then I will change them for the book. It will be hard, but I will make the change. Then, when I publish around November I will give out a free copy to the winner. I will run the contest from not until May 8th. Good Luck

what's up with the sleeping

I'm so mad, I've slept all day and missed out on some writing and pissed off my husband. He wanted to go to Indians game and I couldn't get my butt up and then I was ready to go and it was too late. How many of you writers out there have a difficult time living as a writer with a family. Families are so demanding. I wouldn't trade them for the world, but it makes it really difficult to get good writing time in.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Randy on my nerves

Okay, so I haven't introduced Randy yet but he is Em's little irritating brother. I found myself getting mad at him as I was writing. I wonder how often that happens for writers. I mean it's one thing to really connect with your characters, but I was seriously mad at Randy for being a little brat. Brat being the nice word for what I'd really like to call him. Let me know if that has ever happened to you. I love good stories of writing issues.

revisions and new chapters

Well I finally did some revisions on earlier chapters and just finished another chapter and a half. I'm going to take a nap and then get back to work. I think this weekend is going to be a good writing weekend. Cold weather, cozy pj's and my down comforter and I'm good to go.

Mason and Em another day

Well I'm spending the day with Mason and Em, I hope they don't disappoint me. I love these two and I know you will too.  Em is at a breaking point, but will she make it through. I guess when I post some chapters you will have to find out.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gotta Love Blake

I can't wait to introduce Blake to everyone. I think you will be surprised by his attitude.  He has a secret only Sams knows about, but soon Em will discover who he really is.  Their explosive relationship is something that everyone has to read about.  I haven't told you about Sams, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised.  She is someone with a lot to offer and things to hide. Hope the book is out by November. You won't be disappointed. If your into the paranormal this is one book that can't be overlooked. And sorry, but now vamps or werewolves. But, don't let that stop you from a experiencing another world of paranormal. Can't wait!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Book Power Within: Tension

Book Power Within: Tension


The sexual tension is building up with Em.  There is so much drama and male testosterone, it makes me want to get in there and battle with them.  After I publish, I want you to tell me which guy you like the best. Mason, Brian, or Blake. I have my favorite, but it changes all the time.  Must be nice to be Em and get to have some options although they aren't always the right ones.  I think you will be surprised at the twists and unexpected turns Power Within shows.  I can't wait to hear the response!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mason tonight

I was writing about Mason just a few minutes ago. Why can't men be more like him? Sounds a little narcissistic but I'm in love with him right now, wish I were Em. lol

About Em

Em is a shy girl who has always been taken care of.  Her world changes with the tragedy of the loss of a love.  A new guy comes around wanting to protect her from all who might hurt her.  Love comes along and she feels alive again.  Then comes trouble. Blake, the guy she most despises is the key to unlock her power.  Will she have the strength to channel him or is he to arrogant to be tamed?  Find out and see what happens. I will give little hints as to what you should expect from her and the others. Be watching.

"Power Within" YA Paranormal

Book is coming along great. I think everyone will love it.  It deals with death and a little bit of ghosts, transportation to a new world from the mind of two very different people and a triangular love problem.  Watch for Em, Brian, Mason, and Blake. All will be on this site soon.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ideas to get a story started

Her are a few tips that I was given that help writers to get their create brains moving.  I have used a few of these and they really work.

Tip 1. Watch your environment.  I mean by when you are at a restaurant or mall sit and observe others.  Observer their facial experessions, body movements, and conversations.  I know, it seems like spying but you are just looking for ways you can develop a character or come up with an idea from a conversation one may be having.  Just don't stare to where you look like a stalker.

Tip 2. Flip through the newspaper.  Look at stories.  There may be something in them that will spark an idea.  Also look at the crossword puzzle.  You may find a question or a word that gets you thinking.

Tip 3. Open a dictionary or thesaurus to a random page, take a few words and put them together.  Sometimes this will work.  I like to look at the definition or synonim.  It only takes a word to come up with an idea.

Tip 4. Use questions that people ask you.  Think about the question and turn it around.  Ask yourself how could that question be answered in a different way, how can you turn it around to something off the wall.

Tip 5. I like this one.  Think about all the books you have read and see how their are similarities.  If we are talking about a YA parnormal book, think about the creatures.  What if they were opposite of what they usually are.  Example, what if you had a wolf that changes to a human against its will and now when he/she is human they have to know how to cope.  Make an alternate world for demons that is appealing to humans and the goal is to get to that world.  Instead of girl liking guy, end up happily ever after, add a third person to the equation.  Maybe another girl and the issues that may bring for the guy.  Have a favorite character in your book die.  Maybe a witch doesn't want to be one and will go to all costs to reverse to become completely human.  Make an immortal want to be mortal, or visa versa.

Tip 6. Once youv'e come up with a character don't do anything.  I know this sounds weird, but try sitting back with some headphones on and listening to music.  Daydream about your character.  Sometimes a certain song will help you develop them or give you an idea about a chapter or scent you want them to be in.  For example, I used one time, Taylor Swifts song "fifteen" I basically could see my character doing what the song said.  She took a deep breath and walked through the doors of her new school.  You can actually use lyrics almost exactly to create a scene idea.

Tip 7.  Once you have an idea.  Write it down on a peice of paper or your computer.  Then write out the scene.  Anywere from 1500 words to 2500 words approximately.  I know that seems like a lot, but when you get on a roll you won't be able to stop.  Look at the scene you wrote and think about what do I want to happen next or what should have happen before this scene.

Tip 8. You do not have to start from the beginning and write to the end.  Like I said in tip 7, you may come up with something that will happen in the middle and have to work from there.  Or you can know how you want your book to end and write that scene, then go backwards from there.

Tip 9. If you have a couple of scenes in your head that you just can't forget about, write them.  From there branch out with each scene and try to connect the two to make a story.  Obviously you will have to re-write a few to make things flow, but this way can give you a good foundation for a complete story.

Tip 10. Know your character.  You may write two different scenes, like them both, but have your main character look and act a different way in both.  This is where you need to take the scenes that you have written and go with the ones that your character follows most in.  If he/she is meek in most of the scenes and hard and cold in maybe one scene, how do you like them better? If you like them better in the one scene and not in the ten that they are a different way, hate to say it, but trash the other scenes or turn them around to fit the way your character is.

Tip 11. Lastly, if you have two diffenet story ideas and cannot come up with either of them as a full story try combining them.  You may be able to take characters from one and put them in the other, or a situation and put it in as one story.  This seems weird if you are writing a drama romance and a paranormal book, but you would be surprised at how the two may come together and mesh.

Hope these have been helpful. Good luck with your writing.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Are you clueless?

Clueless?  I have been writing a novel for what seems like forever.  I have changed so many things so many times.  I know.  All you writers out there have done this same thing, right?  I work with an author who seems to just spit out story ideas like someone would spit out watermelon seeds.  I am very envious of people who can do what she does.  So here is my question.  How does one do that?

My published author friend has given a few very good tips that I hope will help all of the writers out there that may be struggling.

Tip number 1:  Decide how many characters you want to have in your story.  You may have to have some idea of what you want your story about, but not completely.

Tip number 2:  Imagine what your character looks like.  A cool idea is to picture an actor or model from television.  The person may not be beautiful, but you get an idea for the characters mannerisms. This will help you to envision the person in your story.

Tip number 3:  Interview your characters.  You say, “How do I do that?”  Well, you have to get to know them by finding out what they are like.  You already know their mannerisms, so now you get to take those mannerisms and figure out who they are.  There are several questions to ask your character, literally hundreds, but here are a few. 1)  You have to ask your character what their hobbies are. 2)  What are their family’s background, mom, and dad?  3)  Are they hard and cold natured or are they meek and mild?  4)  How do they speak? I don’t mean voice; I mean do they use a certain language? Ex: common words or phrases they may use often.  Do they have an accent?  5)  What sort of clothes do they wear? Do they dress sexy or do they dress in t-shirts and sweat pants?  6)  Are they in a relationship or are they single?  7)  Do they have supernatural abilities, what are they, or are they the everyday Joe? 8)  Do they have any friends?  9)  What does their bedroom look like?  10)  What makes them angry/happy?  There are so many more, but that will get you going.

Tip number 4:  Get some different colored pens or highlighters and note cards.  She has told me that the note cards are for putting a scene that you may have in your head.  Then once you put a sentence about a scene down on that card then from there another scene idea may spark.  There you have another note card.  These will eventually pile up to lots and lots. (something I struggle with)

Tip number 5:  Now it’s time to put the puzzle together.  Move your note cards around on a very large table or floor.  Put the puzzle together in the order in which you would like each scene to go.  Make sure you number them.  It’s not so funny, but her cat actually jumped on her pile of cards scattering them everywhere.  Not fun to try to put them together again.  So learn from her misfortune.

Tip number 6:  Pick a card that feels strong to you and write the scene. You may end up writing more than expected.  It’s okay.  Just because you have an outline with cards, does not mean it is set in stone.  Many of your cards will end up not being used because maybe your story has changed.

Tip number 7:  You don’t have to start at the beginning.  In fact she comes up with a scene, usually her first note card, and writes that scene.  That card may be in the middle of the story.  Don’t worry, you can backtrack to the beginning, or move ahead towards the ending.

Tip number 8:  Ah-ha! The dreaded plot.  Well here is what she has told me.  There is no magic recipe, you just have to come up with a dilemma or problem.  How does your villain play a part in the problem and how does your protagonist deal with the problem.  She said sometimes your plot will come from a scene dilemma.  You can go from there to enhance a plot.

So although I speak with her on a daily basis about her story and what is going on, I still struggle with mine.  I am going to utilize these skills that she has taught me and start from ground zero.  I hope that these have helped you in your quest to writing the ultimate story.