Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Music or Not?

My question to you is music or no music?  Getting a strong idea in you head for the next great scene my not require music or will it enhance it?  I came up with a great scene the other day that I just needed to write about but the family had the television on and since I have a specific writing spot then I was at an impasse.  I decided to pop in the headphones and turn on Pandora radio.  After discovering that I could put in an artist I liked I found that listening to music related to the scene only made it stronger.  When I wrote a romantic scene I turned on the "love songs" channel and I found that I was more inspired and wrote more passionately than without it.  Plus the music kept me from hearing the family. It put me in my own little world of writing.  On the opposite spectrum, complete silence can be a powerful aid in writing.  It allows your mind to roam free without any distractions.  Silence is less constricting when creating a scene that your not quite sure where it is going.  One can also listen to music in the genre that you would like to write about and voila a scene may pop into your the tune or the lyrics.  So in essence what is your muse? I've found both to be effective tools in writing.  So do with this information what you like, but remember a thought inspired by silence or music is only good if you get it down on paper or computer in my case.

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