Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh the creation of television

Have you ever been so in awe with an actor that you can't stop thinking about them? I get my inspiration for characters a lot of the time from actors on T.V.  Flip through the channels until someone with the perfect face comes along and watch them.  Watch how they smile and the different kinds of smiles they have.  All of this is good material for character make up.  In fact most of the characters in my novels have all come from my favorite television series.  So when you've come to a halt when writing, stop!  Rent an episode or series of your favorite show from the video store and start watching.  All of the sudden your character will come to life again and you may see new characteristics in them that maybe you never have noticed or have forgotten about.  Listening to their voice, seeing the way the glare at someone, watching them cry or smile are all inspirational motivators to kick start your characters back into motion.  So, put the laptop down, get a bag of microwave popcorn and pop in the DVD. You will be surprised how well this works.  For me, a favorite movie always works. I've usually watched it an embarrassing amount of times, but whatever works go for it.  I hope this will work for you when your brain has been on overdrive.  Sometimes just sitting back and hanging with your favorite actor might just do the trick.  Good Luck and happy writing :)

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