Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mason tonight

I was writing about Mason just a few minutes ago. Why can't men be more like him? Sounds a little narcissistic but I'm in love with him right now, wish I were Em. lol

About Em

Em is a shy girl who has always been taken care of.  Her world changes with the tragedy of the loss of a love.  A new guy comes around wanting to protect her from all who might hurt her.  Love comes along and she feels alive again.  Then comes trouble. Blake, the guy she most despises is the key to unlock her power.  Will she have the strength to channel him or is he to arrogant to be tamed?  Find out and see what happens. I will give little hints as to what you should expect from her and the others. Be watching.

"Power Within" YA Paranormal

Book is coming along great. I think everyone will love it.  It deals with death and a little bit of ghosts, transportation to a new world from the mind of two very different people and a triangular love problem.  Watch for Em, Brian, Mason, and Blake. All will be on this site soon.