Monday, October 10, 2011

New faces with rich knowledge

Well tonight on twitter I gained a new follower, but I feel like I gained a whole lot more than that.  Christine Rose has published traditional and indie fashion with much success.  She shares her wealth of marketing knowledge in one of her books which you will find available to buy on her website for a cheap price.  I'm not her promoter, but she is my daily muse. Reading her blog gave me inspiration as a budding writer.  I think if good information is what you need to get you going for the day then I suggest checking out her blog.  I think you will find that she is a diamond hidden underneath ruble.  When you think about what your muse is, think, can it simply be reading about the success of another?  I know for me, hearing success stories can be uplifting and motivational.  I think we all strive for success in some shape or form and I think you will find a good model with Christine Rose.  So, for my daily muse, Christine Rose, you are it.  I hope you all will find her as inspirational as I have. Have a great night :)