Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bells out!

Well, hell yeah, bells about to ring in one minute and I can get the hell out of this place. Can't it be friday already and over with? I am sick to death of students and the paper work that goes with then. Ugh! I still need advice about doing an outline, is it worth the work? I have things pretty much set in stone so is it necessary?

Student, ugh! Book good !

Well, I'm baby sitting a student who has behaviors right now, but just about done, thank the lord.  Then I can get to what I really want to do. How many of you out there do outlines for your book? I started then stopped, but I'm thinking I have to go back and add what I have and make an outline with it. Tell me what you think. And, if you do, what method do you use. I've been given several, but not sure which one is right for me? email me at Thx and send this to your fellow bloggers, maybe they can help. The book is coming along great, but I want it to be perfect so I need some advice. 

Wine Wednesdays

Gotta love wine Wednesdays they are the shit! I am like so super happy right now. But, I must say my bed is calling me :( Only 2 more days of school then freedom for a couple. I missed out on my writing today, kinda bummed about it. I miss my characters. It feels like you haven't talked with your best friend in a day.  Tomorrow I'll get to spend the evening with them though, that is after I see who gets kicked off of Idol. Definite Tyler fan! Is it bad to say that he is sexy at 63? I'm thinking not! Good night all.