Wednesday, May 4, 2011

make out session

Well Em broke down and had a make-out session with Mason and then puked her guts out.  Blake is about to enter the picture in a couple chapters and the tension between Mason and Blake is smoking. Not to mention the interference with Em's dead boyfriend (waiting on name from you guys).  The complicated love triangle is heart wrenching and volatile at the same time.  You will love what happens to Em as her powers begin to grow.  Her power is a mystery to all and you will be surprised who is at the root of all and who has to be a participant for it to happen.

Em and Mason

Em is entirely conflicted with Mason. One minute she is ready to give into him and let him into her life then the next she can't get the memory of her dead love from her mind, especially when he keeps speaking to her. She is questioning everything he tells her and she is completely confused and frustrated, not to mention her brother, Randy is not helping matters. More to come...

Followers/Power Within

Okay guys here's the deal. I need as many followers as possible since my book will be coming out in November.  Self marketing is a bitch so I need your help.  The 100th person to become a member will be put on the acknowledgements page. I know, my list is growing for that page. You won't be sorry. Power Within is great, not to toot my own horn, but when I compare it to others published works it is at least 50%better. I didn't want to say 100% because inevitable someone will argue with me, but it is really good. It has just the right amount of Romance and DSAS, plus the paranormal is so different from anything I've seen, I think you will be epically surprised. Good Luck with being the 100th and also starting to get some great names for the name contest. Email me at Have a great day!!!