Saturday, April 30, 2011

Name contest

Okay, I'm having a name contest. I have two characters that I am questionable about their names. I've already connected the names with them, but I'm afraid that my readers may not like something.  Let me explain. I have three "B" names, Brian, Blake, and Brandt. Now Blake has to stay, but Brandt is a side character and Brian, although he is not in the human form most of the time, I'm not sure about the name. I don't want there to be too many "B's". Now Brian didn't come into the thought of the book until later even though he is at the beginning. (kind of a long story) But I'm thinking that Brian's name needs to be different. Let me tell you about him. He is super sweet, is Em's real first boyfriend, he has a nice build but he is not big or super muscular, he is really cute, dark wavy hair cut short, brown eyes, but not tanned skin, he treats Em with total respect he is a real gentleman, he works hard for what he has, his mother raised him to be a gentleman because his father had a real temper, and he was protective of Em and sort of spoke for her. He would never put her in an uncomfortable situation and he is always one of those happy people, a love for life and appreciates it. Now that is the first name, this second one isn't really a change but I wanted to know what you think. I have Blake's sister who is really sort of goth but not, crazy looking, very much a smartass that loves to antagonize Blake as much as he does her. Her name is Sams, not Sam, but Sams. Do you like it or not. I love it, but I think her name may be a turn off. So I will review the names that are sent to me and if I like any of them then I will change them for the book. It will be hard, but I will make the change. Then, when I publish around November I will give out a free copy to the winner. I will run the contest from not until May 8th. Good Luck

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